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About Us

UNDOKAI’s concept of business management is similar to Forest Management. The cyclical ecology of a tree depicts the life of every company in the market. Just like a tree receives nourishment from the soil, the company receives its inspiration from the society. Within the soil are the roots, spread wide and invisible to the eye, representing the basis on which the company understands the requirement and problem of the society.

The biggest support of the tree comes from the trunk, which represents the mission & vision of the corporate. This becomes the backbone of its existence through which sprouts the many branches depicting the various business units of the company. Each business unit, through their existence and work, impacts other businesses and organizations (fruits and flowers) as well as the individual members of the society (leaves). When the time is right, the fruits, flowers and leaves fall to the earth to become a part of the soil and provide nourishment to the tree again.

Our Understanding of Problem

The Industrial revolutions have been introducing paradigm shifts across the world influencing the power balance of the countries and industries. Since the start of 3rd Industrial Revolution with the invention of internet, the increasing complexity and diversity is undermining the business/management models prevalent across industries. Increasingly the corporates are switching from conventional understanding of fixed assets to intangible assets, ie, talent.

This change is imperative now to transform the competitiveness of business in the market as they need to become more agile and innovative. Today no business can foresee who the new competition will be, where and when will they emerge. In such a scenario the only asset that corporates can rely on is talent. Thus, the most important role of management is now to transform talent strengths into higher business performance. The need of the hour is to reform the organization (climate, culture and mechanism) and education system to better utilize & develop individual capabilities, support and advise them to achieve autonomy in the system.
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Enhance community-ship of corporates in India towards innovation by maximizing diversity of their employees.


Pursuing the value and potential of UNDOKAI to eliminate the differences and build a culture of trust, compassion, respect & collaboration within organizations, that help their people thrive on change and maximize success.

Who We Are?

The 3rd Industrial Revolution started with the introduction of Internet by opening the Digital world and molding the future with AI. The mass production era came to an end and continuous technological developments have led to constant changes in society, business and management. While the world enters the digital age, the business environment has changed drastically and companies need the mobility to create new and effective customer experiences to remain competitive in the market. In the last decade alone, more than 50% of the companies in the Forbes Global 2000 list have dropped out.

For continued growth, there is a need to reform the organization to fully utilize the diverse and unique talent and transform it into higher business performance. UNDOKAI Solutions Pvt Ltd provides the necessary tools to help transform the Corporate Culture to remove mental barriers, identify root causes of organizational problems and help redefine and align corporate philosophy & vision. With the help of UNDOKAI, Japanese-style physical games-based educational program, we envision to eliminate differences and build a culture of trust, compassion, respect & collaboration within organization, that helps your people to thrive on change and maximize success.

UNDO means exercise and KAI means meet, making UNDOKAI a term that translates to sports meet. Started as an annual tradition of conducting sports day in Japan schools since 1885, the aim of UNDOKAI is educational training which contributes to intellectual, moral and physical development. The essential merit of UNDOKAI is its capacity to teach values such as fairness, teambuilding, equality, discipline, inclusion, perseverance & respect that build ‘community-ship’, which is why corporates use it as a tool to build solidarity/unity of the company.

We have organized more than 1000 UNDOKAIs in Japan since 2007 with industry leaders like Google, 3M, Sony, Bosch, GE, Honda, Yamaha, HP, IBM, Accenture, Deloitte, Johnson & Johnson, Asahi etc. with 98% client satisfaction and 90% repeat. USPL aims to achieve a similar kind of innovation and transform the Indian corporates to make them at par with the developed economies like Japan, US, and Europe.
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Improves Team Productivity

Undokai helps develop and expand team competence and bonding for more efficient, effective and impactful teamwork.

Enforce a Positive Work Culture

Undokai helps minimise negativity in the work place by promoting healthy and positive interactions among employees by harnessing the power of play.

Increases communication and bonding

Undokai gives people opportunities to communicate and strategise about ways in which they can help their team win. However, under the guise of winning a trophy, the goal is to allow people to interact, understand and respect each other for their strengths and weaknesses.

Builds Leadership Skills

Undokai give all players a chance to be thrust into the spotlight with even the most unexpected figures taking a leadership role when required.

Increases Motivation

By providing a break from the monotony of everyday work, post-Undokai, employees feel a sense of rejuvenation and are motivated to achieve the team’s goals.

Promotes Mental and Physical well-being

A field day that helps employees express themselves in an uninhibited manner minus pressures of their work, Undokai proves to be a stress-buster that focuses on both mental and physical wellness.

Build Employee Loyalty

By being an opportunity for a company to invest in its employees’ welfare, undokai creates a positive image of the management and builds loyalty among employees. Ask your HR team - the financial, mental and even emotional costs of finding new talent is too high!

Develops non-cognitive skills

Highly valued in any workforce - creativity, collaboration, communication and flexibility among other things, are just some of the 21st century skills Undokai helps people develop.

Improves Public image

From focusing on an employee’s wellbeing to fostering a healthy work culture, Undokai help build a positive perception of a company as an organisation that considers its employees its most valuable assets.

Helps Attract Top Talent

Any organisation with a great public image has the edge when it comes to attracting top talent. Top performers gravitate towards environments that focus on both professional and personal growth.

Leads to Work Satisfaction

Undokai helps organisations put to practice the principles and values that are a part of the company’s core beliefs. Once employees align their personal values with those practiced by the company, they experience greater work satisfaction.

Simplifies Employee Induction

Undokai helps simplify the process of employee induction and builds a solid foundation of the team by giving new members an opportunity to overcome their hesitation and gel with their peers in a relaxed environment.

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