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  • Japanese-style physical games-based educational program
    Now in India

Welcome To Undokai

We are Undokai Solutions

For continued growth in the ever-changing market scenario, there is a need to reform the organization to fully utilize the diverse and unique talent and transform it into higher business performance. UNDOKAI Solutions Pvt Ltd provides the necessary tools to help transform the Corporate Culture to remove mental barriers, identify root causes of organizational problems and help redefine and align corporate philosophy & vision. With the help of UNDOKAI, Japanese-style physical games-based educational program, we envision to eliminate differences and build a culture of trust, compassion, respect & collaboration within organization, that helps your people to thrive on change and maximize success.

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Founder Story

With the burst of the bubble economy in the 90’s, Japanese organisations turned towards meritocracy and employees soon changed from coworkers to competitors and lacked unity. My own experiences of working in the IT and finance industry left me feeling disconnected and I urged to push myself to discover my real self and the value of my own existence. I began to reflect on the relationship between the individual self, others and the society.
My thoughts behind UNDOKAI-Ya started taking shape when I was reminded of my college Baseball team, where we had a strong sense of solidarity, mutual trust, respect and good communication.

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Past Performance




Increases profitability and productivity by improving communication and solidarity among employees which in turn increases their motivation to work. It creates a positive work environment where collaboration is key, where people aren’t afraid of expressing new ideas and leads to a reduced employee turnover rate.


Any community especially Resident Welfare Associations can use Undokai to build a culture of trust, togetherness and empathy among its members, improve interpersonal relationships and help everyone pursue a fit and healthy lifestyle.


Discipline, hard work, courage, empathy, teamwork and all such skills that are an important part of every person’s life can be taught to kids easily through Undokai as a part of attitudinal education. And yes, it fights obesity and keeps kids fit and healthy!