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Community-ship and Team building

You can choose from a variety of games and tailor your UNDOKAI to suit your needs.

Our Events

Strategy Challenge

Engaging strategy games that combine problem solving, critical thinking and a bit of athleticism into an exciting event.

Custom Option

Want to do your own thing? No problem! Choose from our individual list of games and create your own custom UNDOKAI experience.

Classic Japan

Authentic Japanese UNDOKAI activities that encourage teamwork and collaboration through exciting competition.

Online Undokai

Our online UNDOKAI can strengthen your organization by connecting the hearts of teleworking employees and create “true” communication.

How it Works?

Regardless of the size of the group, we will work out event details and arrangements to ensure a perfect field day.

Why Choose us?

情熱 (Jonetsu) - Passion
We love what we do, which is why we do it with all our heart. Our team is a fun bunch of individuals who have experienced the highs and lows of a corporate life and want to help make yours better.
顧客第一 (Kokyaku daiichi) customer-first
Our customer first approach is what makes us so popular in Japan. We tailor everything according to the needs and demands of your organisation.
おもてなし (Omotenashi) Hospitality
In essence it is the spirit of giving without expectations. If there is one thing the Japanese are known for, it is their impossibly high standard of service and that is exactly what we practice.
創造性 (Sozo sei) creativity
Someone in our team wanted to be an artist, other a dancer and together, we all pour our creative juices in creating an experience that is unlike any other in the market.
安全性 (Anzen sei) safety
Your safety is out priority. Beside regular maintenance of our equipment, we always conduct our events with a medic by our side.
改善 (Kaizen)
A Japanese term for continuous improvement, our strong belief in the pursuit of kaizen keeps us on our toes.