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Corporate Culture Transformation

Corporate Philosophy(Spirit of Foundation)

Long-Term Vision(Purpose & Values)

External Environment

Conception & Strategy

Internal Environment

Mid-Term Management Plan(HR, Assets, Budgets)

Business Process (Structure)

Appreciation / Coach (Acceleration)

MCS/PES/R&R (Policy)

Facility / Assets

Org. Structure (Structure)

Talent Development

Relationships / Bonds / Empathy / Cooperation (Organization Climate)

1. Change The Climate: UNDOKAI

To Strengthen Relationships with Diverse Stakeholders

  • UNDOKAI is a physical education program that has evolved as a culture unique to Japan (the starting point of cultivating a sense of belonging)
  • Program is comprised of individual competitions that are unique, simple & enjoyable for anyone to do & watch
  • Through program, unaffected authentic individuality is naturally expressed, leading to solidarity & harmony between all participants
  • Various stakeholders from inside & outside the organization can be freely incorporated, naturally strengthening & promoting intra & inter corporate communication
  • Employees plan, prepare & run the event, strengthening their abilities of creativity, implementation & management

Today many Japanese companies continue to have UNDOKAI for important company events. With management & business environments becoming increasingly complicated in recent years, interest is spreading in UNDOKAI that aim to strengthen relationships with diverse stakeholders outside of one’s company.

2. Change the “Mental Model”

To rework the Corporate Philosophy including Vision, Mission, Values, Purpose and Principles.

  • Aligning vision and mission to the future
  • Review Business environment and Business performance
  • Forecast environmental changes
  • Develop scenarios and strategies to remain relevant
  • Enable planners and implementers to become aware of strengths and weaknesses of the company

3. Change the “Mechanism”

To support self-thinking and become a Learning and innovative organisation

  • Change business processes and organisational structure
  • Step up to a governance style of management that maximizes mobility and leverages diversity
  • More autonomy to individuals to pursue their own vision and mission
  • Team leaders as coach to support and advise based on agreed KPIs